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and then theres "Mustang" and "angus"

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Living in the owner's quarters with your innkeepers are our two Chocolate Labrador Retrievers, Mustang and Angus.  We adopted these two siblings from New Leash On Life, a wonderful pet rescue center in Fairfield, TX.

We didn't know what to name them until we rounded a corner on the way back to Dallas from 
Fairfield and came upon a sign pointing to the town of Mustang, TX in one direction and Angus, TX in the other.

Mustang is the smarter, and the most athletic, of the two. She always has that inquisitive look in her eyes.  Angus is the most lovable of the two, convinced that he is actually a lap dog.  
You'll probably never see either of them as they live exclusively in our owner's quarters and have their own private yard.

Some of our guests have allergies and/or fear of animals, and for that reason Mustang and Angus never venture into any of the rooms nor into any common areas or kitchen.   For that same reason, we cannot allow animals other than service dogs in the inn.   These two give us joy and their faces light up when they see us; they are a delight to have around.
Click on the image for more information on New Leash On Life pet rescue.