Gazette Newspaper:

"Real Gem" Discovered in Anna

To the editor,
We would like to congratulate your town on our great experience in Anna, Illinois. In May, we stayed at the Davie School Inn for three nights. What a wonderful place! The hosts, Gary and Andrea Dahmer, were the perfect hosts. Their accommodations and meals were fabulous. The room was so-o-o relaxing, and we felt right at home.

Our room was furnished in antique furniture, old books to browse through, and decor that felt warm and homey. The original blackboards and flooring made this experience one to remember. We have been telling everyone about the Davie School Inn and will recommend it to anyone who is traveling through your community and looking for a place to stay.

Your city certainly has a "real gem" in that bed-and-breakfast facility. Please feel free to publish this letter in your newspaper, so the whole world can know what a nice place you have!

Our best regards to all.
Willard and Inez Rose
Minot, ND 58701

You’ve got a great thing going here!

Comfortablecharming and feels like a true labor of love. My hat goes off to you both for saving a wonderful old building from imminent death. I will spread the word about this great inn!

Thank You,

Mary & Mike Dennis
Edwardsville, IL

P.S. The Breakfast was excellent!

I want to come back over & over & stay in a different suite each time!


Being a teacher, I especially enjoyed our stay at the Davie School Inn.

My Staff at Rend Lake College had given my husband and me a gift certificate for one night as a Christmas present. They made a great choice and I can hardly wait to tell them all about it!

Thanks, Gary
Barb & Dave Davenport
West Frankfort, IL


This was one of the most wonderful places I’ve stayed.

I had visions of the many children who spent time in this room and of the teachers who sent them on their way.
I wish I would have met Ruth Howerton- I would have loved to ask her about her 29 years teaching in this very room.

Greendale, WI


This was the second, but not the last, visit to this incredible Inn.

We have come down, both times, for school functions. I am looking forward to a future stay for recreation only. I feel like I’m staying at a relatives, no, Good friends home. Gary has gone above and beyond to make us comfortable.

This is the place to stay when in Southern Illinois!

I am recommending to all my friends.

The Paradiso’s
Geneseo, IL


This is an amazing bed and breakfast!!

We came down from Chicago for some biking and “time away.” We were able to get in about 12 miles of biking on Tunnel Hill Bike Trail before the sleet began and then we moved on to see a young bald eagle, an eagle’s nest and the state champion Cypress Tree at Cache River Wetlands. After a wonderful lunch at The Peach Barn ( Recommended by Gary!!!) We came back for a nap during an afternoon thundershower!

This is an amazing bed and breakfast!!

So comfortable and warm. Gary is a perfect host and the breakfasts are awesome!
We will be back - for better weather, more biking & a stay at the best B&B in Illinois!

Joanne & Craig Leslie
Chicago, IL

We have throughly enjoyed our stay- this B&B is just what was needed in the area. It helped us with our reunion.

These rooms are fabulous - your decorating is just great - especially the quilts. Thank you for sharing your quilts with me.

Minerva Reinertson
Pella, Iowa


This is an awsome piece of history. Gary and his family are wonderful for having saved this beautiful building and keeping another parking lot from invading our precious Land!

Joe & Jen McFadden Larry and Bob Fans
Lombard, IL

Thank You for sharing your experiences, history, and humor! Great Tour!

We really enjoyed our stay and look forward to coming back. Your Inn(school) is beautiful! Thanks for preserving history!

All the best to you,
Bob & Patty Berg
Manhattan, IL

This has been my 3rd stay in some 3 months. 

I had to come to Anna for work from Springfield. I’ve never been on the “road” for work before & looked forward to going back to a drab hotel room. Every day I was here I looked forward ot relaxing in my “school” room.

My stays have been so enjoyable!

I loved the bed - still trying to figure out how to hide it in my suitecase! Gary has been great! Thank for the “free” breakfast - it was great! If work brings me back to Anna - this is where I’ll be!

Kate Bucher
Springfield, IL

This was a great weekend getaway.

When we pulled in front of the B&B, I fell in love. Gary was nice enough to give us a tour. I loved every minute of it. Because I am a teacher, my husband knew I would appreciate the experience. We look forward to coming back.

Robert & Keianna
St.Louis, MO

It takes a special person to serve others with warmth & hospitality, you do so very well. 

Breakfast was wonderful both days! We enjoyed our stay a great deal. We will be sure to tell everyone we know about this place!

Avry & Susan Deming

We certainly enjoyed our short stay.

You’ve done a great job renovating and saving the school.

Thanks for your hospitality and best of luck in 2007!

Ralph & Janice Mires
Olatha, Kansas

Your hospitality is hard to equal.

Gary and Andrea - Thanks for lettings us move our stay up two weeks. What a wonderful place you have transformed the school! Gary, thanks for the dining advice. Both Giant City Lodge and Dixie Bar-b-que both exceeded expectations.

Your hospitality is hard to equal.

Thanks Again we had a great time-
Paul and Judy Koering

P.S. Grandma's Jam was delicious!

What a wonderful experience!

We will definitely come back with friends. We would love to go to your Midwinter Festival.

Thanks Again
Ron and Brandi Farrow
Farmington, MO

Thank God for computers or we wouldn't have found your beautiful school.

Thank you for all your considerations that helped make this a special weekend with our friends from Iowa. We hope to make it back this way again.

Thank You Thank You
Charlie and Sarann Case
Minier, IL

Southern Illinois has always held warm memories and the visit was no different.

My Friend and I came here to revisit old stomping grounds. We both graduated from SIU in 1998 and try together every few years. We found the Davie School charming and quaint and a wonderfully creative undertaking by a couple so young in age. Cheers to you for making it work!

During our visit here we toured the wine trail and were pleasantly surprised at how much the Southern Illinois wine industry has grown since we were in school. We spent one night with the local crowd and got our first real taste of the warmth and hospitality here. Southern Illinois has always held warm memories and the visit was no different.

Thank you for the unique experience
Wendy and Nicole

My sister and I came to Southern Illinois for a family wedding. This school Inn was a wonderful "vacation spot", who would have thought - so beautiful here!

Thank You so much for your sharing generosity!
Deb and Dixie
Waukegon, IL

My mom and I spent 3 nights here.

We were in the area to sightsee and take in the local attractions. We live 360 miles north, in the NW suburbs of Chicago.

We love the Inn, especially the wonderful breakfasts, promptly delivered to our room.

Thank You for your warmth and hospitality!
Bev Nozicka
Arlington Hights, IL
Angie Miles
Mt.Prosoect, IL

This is my second time here. I love to stay here. 

This was my nan's first grade I think. This was a good trip and I will suggest it to my friends and family. Even though I came here for a sad thing and all, I had a good time.

Allen Riley-Duffy
Brooklyn, NY

P.S. Thanks for letting us use the whole building. My family and friends had a great time.

We loved the room, breakfast and history of the school!

The host is very friendly and a great cook! We all reminded about our "school days"!

The Green Family
Chillicothe, IL

Totally charming! We felt at home.

Along with all the work, I am sure that you had a lot of fun planning, finding and decorating this place.

Sherrie & Bob & Ram

This is such a cute B&B! We enjoyed our stay.

Thank You!
The Morales
Charlotte, NC

This is our second time here and we still love it! 

This is the best place we will definitely come again!!

Schulty Family
Palatine, IL


What a fantastic place! Davie School is beautiful and the breakfast are the most incredible I have ever had.

I love the rooms and the original chalkboards they are beautiful as well. This is my 1st visit to Anna & Carbondale . We are here for my brothers graduation from SIU Law School. his name is Jason Green and we are very proud of him. Thank You so much for all your hospitality. You are the best.

Julian Green

1st visit - not our last.

Can't wait to bring, Daughter and son-in-law, grandchildren, and our best friends back! Will definitely be spreading the word about your fun venture here.
God Bless Your Family

Dana & Dwight Frasier
Taylorville, IL

We had a wonderful time!

Thank you so much for your hospitality and yummy breakfast. Beautiful rooms and decorations and comfy beds - We'll be back!

Lynn, Lisa, Debbie
Trenton, IL

A clever idea!! Best of luck with the B&B I will recommend it to others visiting the area.

Pellico Family
Batavia, IL

Beds Were Great!

Best I have slept in and I do nothing but travel. Great Room - See You Next Trip - with Family

Paul Pellico
St.Charles, IL

What a wonderful getaway!

The Davie School Inn is a fantastic spot. We enjoyed having such a large yet quaint room! Thank You for letting us bring our little dog with us, too! We were only here for a couple days but we packed in a lot of fun - the wineries, hiking at Little Grand Canyon, golf at Stone Creek, lunch at a funky place in Alto Pass and at Giant City Lodge, and a walk at Garden of the Gods. Thank You and best wishes to our hosts, the Dahmer Family! We will recommend the Davie School Inn to anyone traveling this way!

Jeff and Sharon Olds
Roscol, IL

P.S. The breakfasts were Delicious!

I'm Very impressed with how you've turned my old school into an inn. 

It was a real treat to stay in Mrs. Gray's 2nd grade class room!! Especially after seeding a picture with me in it on the chalk board. This is my first time back to Anna in 12 years, and to be able to stay in my elementary school has made it quite a trip. I hope many many more former Davie School students get the opportunity to experience this Good Luck!

Phyllis Lippers
Woodstock GA

What once was a school you made it into a hotel and if I say so myself you've done it quite well

It's spacious but cozy and filled with antiques oh boy how I wish I could stay here for weeks!

Forest and Eugene Day
St. Louis, MO

Thank you for such a relaxing and interesting Bed & Breakfast stay. You really know how to make people feel comfortable and at home while on business.

God Bless,
Becky Moore
Lutheran Social Services of Illinois

This is a wonderful idea for a B&B. 

Our journey brought us here from Colorado Springs, CO for my Grandmother's 80th Birthday. While here, Mr. and Mrs. Dahmer took us in and treated us like family. We enjoyed the quiet in the room and the incredible steaks Mr. Dahmer was so kind to grill for us. We will be sure to tell all of our friends and family to come to southern IL and stay here.

Thank You for the wonderful visit.
Robert and Lori Butterfield

We really enjoyed this place with its big rooms, dining set and Jacuzzi tubs! 

It's great to see a grand old building saved and restored in the heart of town rather than a tacky new construction out in our fields and forests.

Evan Z. Craig
Sierra Club

Our daughter and all her wedding party stayed here for a few nights- what a neat and wonderful experience for all. 

We cannot say enough good things about all your hard work and efforts you have put into this old school. We would definitely come back to this lovely place-

Thanks for everything
Butch and Alice
Freeport, IL

My new husband and I stayed here on our wedding night. It was the perfect end to the best day of our lives thus far.

It was the best way to start our adventure through life together. Thank you for such a delightful stay. We wish it could be longer, but wonderful all the same.

Allis & Allen Gilbert