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History -This 1910 building served as a public grade school (Anna, IL) until it was closed in 1996.  The School sat empty until it was bought by Gary and Andrea Dahmer (present owners) in 2002. The Dahmer's have spent many hours in a combination of restoring and remodeling to created an Inn with all the modern conveniences yet still leave the atmosphere of the old school house. Each room still has an original chalk board and book case. The original hardwood floors still show where the student desks left their marks. Each room also has a whirlpool tub and air conditioning, not something you would find in a grade school class room.

Owners Gary and Andrea have 2 children 11 and 13 years old.  Gary's hobbies are classic cars and guns.  Andrea hobbies are styling the Suites and keeping up with the kids activities.  Andrea is often busy with the kids and you may not see her on the weekends at the Inn.    

Sold the Inn to Tammy and Lyle June 29, 2017




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